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The End of Winter

29 November 2021

The End of Winter is my new performance essay-cum-monologue. Its premier season runs from 3 – 12 February 2022 (preview 2 February) at Sydney’s SBW Stables Theatre.

It’s a Siren Theatre Company production and features the fabulous team that brought you Good With Maps. Performer Jane Phegan; Director Kate Gaul; Composer Nate Edmondson. And for this production, we’re joined by Production Designer Soham Apte and Lighting Designer Becky Russell.

What’s happening to winter? In hot, bushfire-prone Australia our winters are becoming warmer and shorter. Will climate change eventually erase the season, leaving it to exist only in paintings, fairytales and historical accounts? The End of Winter is about loss and resilience. It’s about the places the writer goes in search of the cold weather she loves. Places she can reach via public transport—and her imagination.

It’s a story of winter written in the heat of summer.

More info at Siren’s website.

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