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Noelle, Katoomba Dec 2012

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It works a bit more like a website than a blog. (You can read posts from my previous blog at

This is a place where I put excerpts from my writing across theatre, audio, poetry and prose, information about past and current projects, links to articles and publications—plus the occasional note, opinion or comment.

If you’re interested in cooking, food culture and related aspects of environmental history, I have another blog: Eat The Table.

  1. Sophie Bagster permalink

    Hi Noelle! I’m currently studying year 12 Drama, and I’m very interested in reading & portraying your iSpiderMan monologue, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere. I was wondering if you could get in touch with me, thanks 🙂

  2. Hello Noëlle. Browsing the web I found your thoughts about documentary theatre. I work as an actress, playwright and visual artist in Teater Fusentast in Trondheim, Norway. Your essay I found highly interesting. It asks questions I myself am struggling with. At the moment I prepare a theatre project based on my life as a spy in the Norwegian Health System during my year-long stay in hospital after a car accident. I want to combine puppetry with animated documentary film. First night will be in March 2016. For the documentary part we interview experts who shine their light on our subject. Subject is: How is it possible that the excellent Norwegian health system with free health care for everybody, all of a sudden went commercial, turning patients into customers. With hospitals run by economists and bureaucrats.And therefore making lots of dangerous mistakes that could have been avoided. I want to combine my often totally absurd personal history with the bigger picture and see if there are possibilities to reverse the system. The filmmaker and I have started interviewing. The director and all our other significant artists have said yes, except for the set-designer who cannot decide before November. I am in the process of applying for funding. And of course I am very curious about factual theatre all around the world. As I read your essay I thought that of course you would know about companies or festivals with experience in the docu-field. I would appreciate it very much if you could give me some ideas about who to get in touch with. Thank you very much in advance. With kindest regards, Coby Omvlee.

    • Hi Coby,

      I’ve sent an email to your individual address. Terrific luck with your project; it’s an issue that will resonate in a lot of countries.

  3. Hi Noelle—I’m an 86 year old retired lawyer in metro Washington, DC and saw your name in the NYRB as a winner of the Windham Campbell prize. Congratulations. I got into poetry through Milosz when I was in my 70’s. I see you reference Milosz as an influence. He and poetry opened up a whole new world for me.

    • Thank you for your email. Miłosz remains one of my all-time favourite poets. Seamus Heaney summed it up beautifully when he said this of him: ‘What distinguishes Miłosz as a poet is the abundance and spontaneity of the work, his at-homeness in so many different genres and landscapes, his desire for belief and his equally acute scepticism. Chiefly, however, what irradiates the poetry and compels the reader is a quality of wisdom. Everything is carried and feels guaranteed by the voice.’

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