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Hardheads & Woolly Thinking—again

9 November 2013

Hardheads & Woolly Thinking, a performance essay I presented at NonfictionNow 2012 has just been published in TEXT Special Issue Number 18. I gave a brief summary of the piece in an earlier post, and this is how the journal editors describe it: Noëlle Janaczewska’s episodic experiment in form and logic bends our idea of the essay form to demonstrate its accommodating and protean character.

My—let’s call it performative layout—has been changed to a more conventional academic format, and the ‘&’ in my original title replaced with ‘and’ but they’re small quibbles.

Acroptilon repens a.k.a. hardhead thistleAcroptilon repens a.k.a. hardhead thistle

You can read Hardheads & Woolly Thinking here.

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