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Thistle hinges

20 April 2012

I see thistles everywhere.

I’m just back from 5 weeks in the USA and England. Four of the 5 weeks were spent in the US, mostly in New Haven, and mostly working in Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library, sometimes in the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. The Sterling is a fabulous library; it was a great place to write and research, and late afternoons, watery autumn sunlight dancing on the walls, a great place to day-dream …

On a side entrance into the library from Wall Street, there’s a door whose brass hinges—I assume they’re brass, but they could be some other metal—are fashioned in the shape of thistles. There are a fair few Scottish names attached to buildings and on plaques and signs scattered around the Yale campus so perhaps the thistle hinges stem from one of those connections?

Thistle hinges, Yale, 2012


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