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Seeking Mr Freud

20 April 2012

Late at night, while the city sleeps, while her sister and her sister’s boyfriend sleep, 30-something Sigrid Larsen, Ph.D., hits the phone. Trying to connect with the distant voices of unknown men. Men with one thing in common …

That’s the synopsis for my black comedy Seeking Mr Freud. Eastside 89.7FM recorded it last year. It was produced by Gill Falson for her Sonic Tales initiative, directed by Kate Gaul, sound engineered by Stephan Franz, and features Kate Worsley, Jane Phegan, Shingo Usami, Sunny Vbrebac, and Peter McAllum. Seeking Mr Freud is part of the second season of Sonic Tales, along with Pulpit Rock by Gina Schein, and The Night We Lost Jenny by fellow 7-ONer Vanessa Bates.

Tune in to Arts and Drive programs on Friday 27 April to listen to Seeking Mr Freud. To find out more about Sonic Tales click here.

Sonic Tales is supported by the City of Sydney and the Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Trust.

I also had a short piece, another black comedy, It’s Your Funeral, in the first season of Sonic Tales. You can listen to it here.

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