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Artichokes and cardoons

3 October 2011

I’m writing a chapter about artichokes and cardoons at the moment. In The Sydney Morning Herald a couple of weeks ago chef Steve Manfredi wrote about buying artichokes at the Pyrmont Growers’ Market—and he mentioned that one stall had not only green and purple artichokes, but ‘their relative in the thistle family, the cardoon, was stacked nearby.’

While globe artichokes are fairly easy to buy, cardoons are not. In fact the only time I can remember seeing them for sale was years ago in France, when I thought they were some kind of weird celery.

So this Saturday I went to the Growers’ Market hoping to see those cardoons … I was out of luck. Plenty of beautiful artichokes though.

Artichokes at the Pyrmont Growers’ Market, 1 October 2011

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