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Lemon Pieces (Quelques Morceaux en Forme de Citron)

29 December 2020

I have a piece in the just published anthology from Brow Books, Dizzy Limits: Recent Experiments in Australian Nonfiction. My contribution, Lemon Pieces (Quelques Morceaux en Forme de Citron) was first published in The Space Between: Australian Women Writing Fictocriticism edited by Heather Kerr and Amanda Nettlebeck (University of Western Australia Press, 1998).

The Dizzy Limits piece is a very slightly revised version of that original essay.

It was an interesting experience looking at something I wrote over twenty years ago. When the editors first contacted me about including Lemon Pieces (Quelques Morceaux en Forme de Citron) in their planned anthology, my initial reaction was that I would need to rewrite it to align better with my current voice. Fortunately, I soon discarded that idea. Lemon Pieces (Quelques Morceaux en Forme de Citron) was the product of a particular cultural moment. I decided to go with that and approach the revising process with a light touch, as if I were editing the work of someone else—which is what it actually felt like.

Very happy to have my work included in Dizzy Limits. It’s a wonderful compilation of diverse voices, sensibilities and approaches to writing nonfiction. It reminds us what a deliciously protean and accommodating genre nonfiction can be.

More information about Dizzy Limits here.

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