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Saul & Dazzle

17 November 2020

Australian Plays, that wonderful, vitally important organisation, has just published Saul & Dazzle. Here’s the link

In 2014 the Australian Government concluded a seven-year initiative to rid subantarctic Macquarie Island of invasive species and make the island rabbit and rodent free. The final stage of the program involved a team of specialist detection dogs and their handlers.

On cold, wet, windswept Macquarie Island, Saul and his dog, Dazzle, have formed a strong bond—although sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s handling who. But as Saul’s time on the island with Dazzle comes to an end, it throws up memories of another break-up.

Both Saul and Dazzle are fictional creations.  

Saul & Dazzle is a one act play with a running time of about 20 minutes. It requires a cast of 2 (one female, one male) or 3 (two female, one male).

The play was commissioned and developed by TENT with the support of the Australia Council. It was written as part of the Offshore project initiated by Stephen Carleton and developed with director Ian Lawson and dramaturg Peter Matheson.

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