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Experiment Street

24 September 2019

I have a new audio work—

Experiment Street is a biography of an inner-Sydney street with an intriguing name. Guided by fictional seamstress Lizzie Absalom and featuring historian Dr Shirley Fitzgerald, it’s a quest. To uncover and animate the lived history of this Pyrmont back lane. From its origin as a line of workers’ terraces in the early 1880s to demolition as part of the the city’s ‘slum clearance’ drive. From the warehouses and manufacturing plants that replaced those individual houses in the 1930s to the freeways and apartment blocks of today.

Experiment Street, Pyrmont, looking south. September 2019.

Experiment Street is researched and written by me, Noëlle Janaczewska. It’s produced by Ros Bluett with sound design by Russell Stapleton.

The program features Jeanette Cronin as Lizzie Absalom along with Guy Edmonds, Ellie Parnell and Felix Williamson. And historian Shirley Fitzgerald.

Experiment Street will be broadcast on ABC Radio National’s The History Listen at 11:00 am on Tuesday 1 October. The program is also available to download as a podcast.

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