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Cloud Cover

12 August 2013

Seoul 1993

In the middle of the night Sarah’s phone rings. A woman she’s never met tells her to get online. Professor Song has disappeared. They have 24 hours to find him. What follows is a tense journey across Sydney, Seoul, Incheon, and into the mysterious place that is Cloudland. The 2 women leading each other on into a labyrinthine landscape of double lives, unanswered questions, digressions and odd coincidences. Is it real life or its virtual shadow? Have Sarah and Hae-mi got embroiled in some kind of arcane spy plot? Or are they playing a strange, immersive game?

Cloud Cover is produced by Anna Messariti and sound engineered by Phillip Ulman (initial recording) & Andrei Shurbanov

The music is composed by Oonagh Sherrard and played by Sandy Evans, Satsuki Odamura, Matt McMahon, Ben Waples, John Bellamy & Jess Ciampa.

Cloud Cover is performed by: Asako Izawa, Rebecca Havey, Peter Kowitz, David Williams, Caitlin Maruno & Victoria Haralabidou

ABC Radio National: Sound. Music. Word.
Sunday 18 August at 8:00 pm
Repeated Friday 23 August at 9:00 pm
And available as audio on demand for 4 weeks from initial broadcast.

Not available to download, sadly. Not sure why it isn’t—maybe the various unions and guilds haven’t reached an agreement with the ABC? Would be great if they did so dramas could, like features, be downloaded.

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