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The History of the World in Half a Dozen Moths—the beginning of a new essay

12 September 2012

I’m interested in experimenting with the essay across different media. It’s a protean and accommodating form, albeit one somewhat under-explored in Australia where we tend to think of it—if we think of at at all—as the preserve of journalism or academia.

Butterflies & moths

Butterflies and moths collected around Newcastle NSW, circa 1818

Last week I participated in the Radio Beyond Radio Conference in Sydney. I was on a great panel with Jaye Kranz, and Lea Redfern, Natalie Kestecher and Sherre Delys from the ABC. It was about The Performed Documentary, and as part of my presentation I read the very beginning of a new essay piece: The History of the World in Half a Dozen Moths. The work is at an early stage in its development—so early that I’m not yet sure whether it’s for radio, live performance, print or online. It could be for any or all of these contexts. Anyway, you can hear the whole session, including my excerpt from The History of the World in Half a Dozen Moths, here.

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