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Loose Gravel—a poetics

30 June 2012

I’m presenting a new performance essay—

Loose Gravel—a poetics is about gravel and its kin. About ripping stuff out of the ground, and the language that moves in to fill up the gap. It’s a funny and philosophical performance essay about uncertainty as a defining feature of contemporary life. The materials of the imagination, and the pitfalls and rich disorder of being an associative thinker. It’s about crap places, and growing up in a crap place whose best-known exports are Cliff Richard, Victoria Beckham—and yes, gravel.

Loose Gravel—a poetics is part of Serial Space’s Time Machine festival at

Serial 002, 10-14 Kensington Street, Chippendale NSW 2008 (Sydney)

Sunday 22 July at 1:00 pm

The performance lecture program of Time Machine is curated by Margaret Hamilton, and it’s free.

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