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The River That Ran Out

12 January 2012

I love the latitude you have when you write theatre for children. You want to have stars that talk, plants that walk, coloured pencils that turn into robots—or a river that gets up and moves itself—you can.

The River That Ran Out is a one-act play for children with a cast of 3—either 3 x female performers, or 2 x female and 1 x male. It was Highly Commended in the 2010 Trinity Guildhall International Playwriting Competition (in the category for audiences of 11 years old and under). Find it in: Prize-winning Plays from the International Playwriting Competition 2010, published by Orient Blackswan and Trinity College London.

Meanwhile, here’s the synopsis: Fed up with being neglected and treated like a garbage dump, The River takes off in search of greener pastures.

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