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Random 8

25 November 2011


I have a complicated relationship with film. Although I’d love to write for animation, and some of my poetry and theatre writing draws on cinema as subject matter, I’m usually more interested in screenwork in galleries and online than in the output of ‘the film industry.’ Increasingly the work that captures my imagination, the projects I want to support, the collaborations I want to work on, is made outside conventional industry and funding contexts. Random 8 is writer/director/producer Kathryn Millard‘s just finished new film.

Random 8 is original, accomplished film-making for thinking grown-ups. Sure, I’m biased: I was script dramaturg and co-producer on Random 8. But look around you, at the popular uprisings in various Arab countries, at the Occupy protests around the globe, at the artists’ groups and collectives springing up in response to a reduced (and often) conservative cultural climate—Random 8 is a film for now.

Find out why at

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  1. Waldo permalink

    Hi Noelle

    It’s Waldo, how are you?

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